Things are getting spooky!


Thanks to Larry Powell of the Annapolis County Spectator for this great coverage of our upcoming Ghostly Gardens event:

Ghost Town! Things are getting spooky at the Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens

Save the Dates – Ghost Town 2019!



Time to start planning your visit to Annapolis Royal for our GHOST TOWN events. Check out our preliminary schedule of events

And be sure to include in your plans a visit to our iconic Ghostly Gardens! Visit BY DAYLIGHT or AFTER DARK, as you wish!

GHOST TOWN – The Conversion Process Begins…


With Thanksgiving just ended, and bellies still full, people in the Town of Annapolis Royal are already turning their attention to the work ahead this week as Annapolis Royal is converted to a GHOST TOWN!

Kudos to the early starts shown by Town Hall and Bistro East to lead the way!

20151011-IMG_3366-1 20151011-IMG_3369-2 20151011-IMG_3372-4

And of course work continues at the Sinclair Inn Museum Haunted House, the O’Dell House Museum and the Ghostly Gardens at the Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens. Some exciting changes this year… but we can’t tell you what they are – that would ruin the surprise.

20151011-IMG_3397-8 20151011-IMG_3378-6

Get your Ghost On! And plan NOW for your visit to Annapolis Royal for GHOST TOWN.

GHOST TOWN 2015 Schedule Announced!


Excitement is mounting for the 2015 edition of GHOST TOWN in Annapolis Royal. We have posted this year’s Official Event Schedule HERE. We anticipate there will be more activities and specials to let you know about as GHOST TOWN gets closer, and will do our best to post everything here in the Ghostly Blog. So check back often!

Plan your time with us now – and remember, all these events are RAIN OR SHINE. Ghosts and goblins and ghouls just LOVE dark and dreary atmospheres!

Reminiscing about centuries gone by at la Maison acadienne...

Reminiscing about centuries gone by at la Maison acadienne…

Double Double Toil & Trouble


 Double Double Toil & Trouble. Witches, skeletons, bats and ghosts… all are descending on Annapolis Royal as the community prepares for GHOST TOWN!

2014-10-15 13.46.11

Crash Landing… we have a coven of witches taking over the Gardens. This one was not a very good driver!


2014-10-15 15.01.35

It is truly difficult to get our Ghostly Gardens ready for GHOST TOWN with our resident skeletons causing such mayhem. Yorick decided a piggyback ride would be fun – thank you to Volunteer Haley for humouring him!

Join us in Annapolis Royal for GHOST TOWN Oct 17-31. Check out the awesome Schedule of Events and…


Get your GHOST on!


With GHOST TOWN 2013 just around the corner, the good people of Annapolis Royal are starting to “get their ghost on”!


Today, GHOST TOWN Imagineers created a display on the front lawn of the Annapolis Royal Court House. Great job, and the first of many great displays to come as October unfolds. Our thanks to the folks at the Annapolis Court House for allowing the Spirits of Annapolis Royal to take over their property for the next few weeks!


These ghosts look particularly fetching when the breeze starts to blow…


Are you getting ready to “get your GHOST on?”