Tonight…. Saturday, October 29, 2016… the final night for GHOST TOWN 2016.




Dampish weather, but improving! C’mon out!



Saturday – October 22

Thankfully, the Annapolis Royal weather today has not been nearly as bad as forecast, so it should be a very comfortable night for this evening’s GHOST TOWN events.

Sure, it may be a little dampish, but really… if you are “daring” to come out for GHOST TOWN, why on earth should you be scared of a little rain? Right?

So bring a raincoat just in case, and join us this evening for some more GHOST TOWN fun. Ghostly Gardens, Escape Rooms and a Graveyard Tour await you.

For schedule & info, click here!

Wowsers! Acres & Acres of Ghostly Gardens!


Volunteers have been going CRAZY this week, and the Gardens look amazing. Be sure to take in the Ghostly Gardens AFTER DARK events starting tonight October 21, and also Sat Oct 22 and again Fri/Sat Oct 28/29. For a full schedule of events, click here.


GHOST TOWN Spokeskeletons Humerus & Patella have worked their fingers to the very bone helping to get ready.

Join us!

Rain? Who cares?

Rain? Who cares? GHOST TOWN events are just CREEPIER in the rain, so don your boots, grab and umbrella, and join us!
Humerus & Patella, our spokeskeletons, were very very excited yesterday to see some of their favourite old friends return to the Gardens. Lots of bats, witches, ghosts… and the Big Giant Heads. And new scary creatures they hadn’t seen before!
Ghostly Gardens starts tonight, running 6:30-9:00pm and it is only one of the great events that await you.  The Sinclair Inn Escape Rooms are secured and ready for those who want to try to puzzle their way to freedom, and the Candlelight Graveyard Tour will complete your evening quite nicely.
For both the Gardens and the Graveyard Tours, you can buy your tickets when you arrive, on any of the FOUR BIG NIGHTS in Annapolis Royal.
The Escape Room is normally by advance booking, however they have indicated that tonight (Oct 21) they have some openings and will be able to accept last minute groups – so drop by and see them this evening as well. (Humerus & Patella snuck into the Excape Rooms last evening and found them very challenging: they puzzed, and they puzzed til their puzzlers were sore… )
For schedule & lots of other info explore our website:
Or see the schedule below:

A Graveyard? By Candlelight?


Did you ever wonder how to find your long lost relatives when you are a skeleton? Not an easy task! Humerus & Patella are sometimes lonely, and really look forward to frolicking with others like them during GHOST TOWN.


So needless to say, Humerus & Patella were really excited when they heard about the Candlelight Graveyard Tours being offered in Annapolis Royal. They have many skeleton relatives who reside in graveyards, and were hoping to meet some… so they decided to tag along with Alan Melanson a week or so ago.

They had a GRAND time. They said they got so caught up in Alan’s wonderful storytelling that they forgot to be even a little bit scared. Of course, we must remember, skeletons normally feel quite at home in such places…


Sponsored by the Historical Association of Annapolis Royal, the Candlelight Graveyard Tour is DON’T-MISS activity, during GHOST TOWN or at any time in the summer. Alan guides you through Nova Scotia’s oldest English graveyard, telling stories about some of its more notable residents. The Candlelight Graveyard Tour has received many well-deserved awards and accolades, and makes the perfect finish to your GHOST TOWN evening!

Fridays & Saturdays, October 21, 22, 28 & 29, 9:30 pm (Rain or Shine)
ADULT $9, YOUTH (13-18) $5, CHILD (12 & Under) $3
NO RESERVATIONS. Duration: 1:15

(Show your Ghostly Gardens Ticket/Receipt to receive a discount.)


Oh, by the way, Humerus & Patella DID end up re-connecting with a long-lost Uncle and two cousins they hadn’t seen in years. They were up ALL night catching up on family news, and are still pretty tired. Silly old skeletons…

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Ghostly Gardens – the transformation begins!



Humerus & Patella were seen in the Gardens today, anxiously awaiting the arrival of volunteers to begin the transformation of the summer gardens into… well… the Ghostly Gardens! Knowing they would need lots of energy in the days ahead, they dove into a bag of Chili Cheese chips. Silly old skeletons!


We love our pumpkins… there will be lots of pumpkins, and variations on pumpkins, found throughout the Ghostly Gardens, starting October 21 as we launch Ghost Town 2016.

For FOUR BIG NIGHTS, October 21, 22, 28 & 29, the renowned Historic Gardens will open their doors for Ghostly Gardens AFTER DARK – a great experience as visitors wander the paths, take in the special effects and meet ghosts, grim reapers, witches and other interesting creatures along the way. Visit the Witch’s Lair, Bat Cave, Witchsteria Arbour, Giant Spider Web, and Musician’s Graveyard, have a hot chocolate at the “Elm Street” Cafe, and gather around the Courtyard bonfire. For the young and young at heart, try a little eyeball bowling, or the bone dig.  RAIN OR SHINE – things are even spookier on a dark & dreary night!

If “after dark” is not your thing, come enjoy the Ghostly Gardens by Daylight, open daily 9-5. Explore with a Haunted Seek & Find in hand, looking for ghostly apparitions as you enjoy the Gardens in their autumn glory. And be sure to linger a while in the Musician’s Graveyard, where Johnny Cash, Hank Snow and Elvis are buried!

For Ghostly Gardens AFTER DARK tickets, hit the “Buy Now” button, or buy them in person at the Gardens or at Scotiabank – Annapolis Royal.  Or you can call us at 902-532-7018.

Always good to know you have tickets in advance, and it does allow you to avoid waiting in line to pay at the door.