Get Your Ghost On!

Kudos to the staff at Town Hall, early out of the starting gate with their Ghost Town theming!

In the spirit of Halloween and Ghost Town, the Town is having a decorating contest! Decorate your property in the
most spook-tacular fashion and register it by emailing for your chance to win $150 and a certificate of recognition.  

The Arts Council was decking out tonight, and several businesses are already decorated. The Gardens will be getting their makeover in the next couple days. Meanwhile, things are being created…

Eyeball fun! Watch for them in the Gardens.


Believe it or not, these ingredients turned into a creepy creature that will be dwelling in the Ghostly Gardens during Ghost Town.


Spider legs. Big giant spider legs. For a big giant spider.

Winners will be announced October 30, 2017. There will be two categories: one for the
best residential property and one for the best business property.

So let’s creep it real this Halloween. Register your Ghostly Work by emailing for your chance to win.


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