Big Giant Heads


Everyone’s talking about the Big Giant Heads seen roaming through the Ghostly Gardens… there is one on the front sign, and 7 more within the Gardens – can you find them all?

(They are enjoying the attention, and being photographed with their fans.)

A great time was had by all last evening as GHOST TOWN 2014 opened in Annapolis Royal, with rave reviews on the Ghostly Gardens at the Historic Gardens, Hidden Hauntings at the O’Dell House Museum and the Haunted House at the Sinclair Inn Museum. Visitors also enjoyed Alan’s Melanson’s wonderful Graveyard Tour, and many made their way over to Granville Ferry to the haunted “Water’s Edge Studio” – both of these are offering a discount to GHOST TOWN Passport holders.

GHOST TOWN continues in Annapolis Royal with After Dark events tonight (Sat Oct 18) and Sunday Oct 19 and then return again next weekend (Oct 24-26). We also have exploring to do in the daytime. Check the Schedule of Events for details!

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