WE Survived the First Night of GHOST TOWN… did YOU?

The first evening of our GHOST TOWN Festival was a superb one, and from all reports the participants had as grand a time as the organizers did! Here are a few pics from Ghostly Gardens After Dark…

Ghostly Gardens After Dark


Mad Miguel

Mad Miguel was tending fire in the Courtyard. He has a bit of a thirst for blood, but we were able to keep him from bothering our visitors too much!


Bat Cave

The Bat Cave was a hit, with dozens of retro bats hanging around overhead…


The Undertaker

The Undertaker was pacing the Innovative Garden, looking for help finding bones. The young  visitors were happy to pick up a trowel and DIG In!


Ghostly Graveyard

The Grim Reaper and the Undertaker were doing battle over rights to the Graveyard…


The Witch's Lair

The Witch was a bit cranky, but thankfully was accepting visitors, and even had some special treats for them…


More Witch's Treats...

Well, not everyone was game to try the Witch’s offerings…


A grand time was had by all.

Ghostly Gardens After Dark continues Saturday October 22 and Saturday Oct 29, 7-9pm. See you there!



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